arrow training academ

Arrow XL has built a £50,000, in-house training academy complete with a purpose-built apartment for developing its two-person delivery crews.

The Development Academy's flat, housed at the company's Wigan HQ, contains a working kitchen, a living room and a child's bedroom, as well as two classrooms.

Its two-person crews will be able to practice deliveries in the space, as well as receive training on specialist services including plumbing in white goods, assembling furniture and connecting televisions.

The business will be building a similar training facility at its Worcester HQ. This is set to open next year after the previous building on the site was destroyed by a fire last April.

Arrow will induct all new starters with a two-day programme within the training academy, which will house all of the business's teaching in the future.

Existing employees will also be required to take a refresher in the apartment before the end of this year.

Arrow XL customers Feather and Black and Smeg UK have donated products for training purposes.

Peter Scraton, people and support services director at Arrow XL, said the academy not only represents an investment in its customers, but in its employees.

"We are committed to delivering world class levels of service and this can only be achieved by having engaged and motivated colleagues.

"We are determined to have the most skillful and proficient delivery crews in the two-person market and this fantastic apartment will play a vital role in delivering that," he said.

Head of resourcing and training Zoe Sinclair said the training apartment illustrates the company's "innovative approach to learning and development.

"Moving forwards," she added, "the Academy will allow us to deploy a standardised and consistent approach to training right across the business”.