Stuart Rees Jeremy Thompson 150 years of Trading (2)

APC Overnight member G Thompson has celebrated its 150th birthday and the five generations of family that have seen the company through to the landmark.

The company dates back to 1865, when founder George Thompson started to work as a freight agent for private rail companies.

The London-based firm ceased to use horses and carriages in 1965, and now runs a fleet of more than 300 vehicles, providing delivery services to customers across the UK as part of its APC membership.

MD Jeremy Thompson said: “Having seen the company which was founded by my great grandfather 150 years ago nurtured by a succession of my family members, I’m keen to see this continue and for the business to remain in the family for generations to come.

“Our priority now is to continue to keep building the business and delivering a great service for each and every one of our customers.”