Selective focus of woman hand Pouring red wine in the garden and party

A huge surge in demand for wine and other alcohol during the lockdown had seen orders for some clients rising by more than 7,000%, according to Johnston Logistics UK.

The Norfolk-based business, which provides a range of third party logistics including receiving, storing and distributing products at its operation on the A11, also said demand showed signs of remaining high.

Iain Hill, head of commercial and customer service said: “Alcohol has definitely led the surge in demand for food and drink.

“Whilst demand rocketed overnight for almost all the food and drink we handle, it’s wine, beer, cocktails and spirits which have seen the biggest and most sustained rise.”

The company handles food, drink, household products and other FMCGs for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers and in partnership with Asda, its Snetterton site also processes around 50% of all wine sold in its supermarkets.

Hill said: “The explosion in demand has been comparable to the Christmas period, but happened almost instantaneously.

“Fortunately, we were able to use our years of seasonal experience to help our clients and their suppliers to meet the challenges and take advantage of the peak.”

Johnston Logistics UK said it handles over 20,000 pallets of alcoholic drinks each year but predicts this figure could almost double for 2020 as a whole.