Acumen Distribution longer semi-trailer

Acumen Distribution has put four more 15.65m longer semi-trailers on the road, taking the total number of trailers it operates under the DfT trial to 21.

The SDC trailers are to be put into operation on three return routes from Sunderland to Wednesbury, Sunderland to Telford and Redditch to Middleton. Over the past two months they have been used between Sunderland and Telford, and Acumen says they have reduced its mileage by 15% (around 4,250 miles) in this time.

The operator put its first four longer semi-trailers into operation in 2012 and claims to have reduced its annual mileage by almost 100,000 in 2014.

MD Chris Doughty said: “The longer-semi trailers are having a positive impact for our customers and the environment.

“Not only are we decreasing traffic congestion and providing greater operational efficiency, we are also saving 128.61 tonnes of CO2 emissions and reduced our mileage last year by a staggering 91,214 miles.”

In October, the DfT said all 1,800 longer semi-trailers had been allocated to trial participants.