tesco xpo

XPO Logistics, formerly Norbert Dentressangle, has renewed its contract with Tesco for the management of the retailer’s Recycling Service Units (RSUs) across the UK and Ireland.

The contract will also see XPO handle the maintenance of Tesco’s loose equipment fleet.

Tesco’s RSU network, which largely shares locations with its distribution facilities, handles the loose equipment and packaging waste from 2,700 stores. The materials are backhauled from Tesco’s and its suppliers’ vehicles to the locations.

The operation handles around 17,500 returning vehicles every week, with the operation employing around 700 people.

XPO is also responsible for over a million roll cages, trays and dollies, maintaining the equipment to preserve it and secure longevity, and thus reduce replacement costs.

The deal is a continuation of a contract Norbert Dentressangle had held with the retailer for multiple years.

When the French brand was officially integrated into XPO Logistics last month, the American haulier became one of the world's top ten supply chain providers.