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XPO Logistics has been awarded a multi-year contract by Cromwell Tools to provide distribution services to Cromwell branches in the UK.

XPO has been contracted to fulfil core transport services which include night deliveries to Cromwell locations nationwide, as well as inter-site transport activities and supplier collection routes during the day.

The overnight service will replenish inventories at all locations and distribute prepared customer orders for onward direct delivery.

XPO’s core fleet will be despatched from Cromwell’s World Distribution Centre in Leicestershire to over 40 delivery points, supported by satellite sites in XPO’s transport network.

In addition an IT solution integrated with the XPO Connect technology platform will provide real-time traceability, order visibility and business intelligence, as well as health and safety and customer service management.

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Dan Kinsey, Cromwell Tools head of transport, said: “Our overnight service operates at the heart of our national distribution model by connecting our branch network to our World Distribution Centre, and offers timely through-the-night fulfilment that keeps our customers’ operations running and their people safe.

“All Cromwell locations operate a delivery fleet that provides our customers with a high-touch delivery solution and ensures familiarity, expertise and care with each order we fulfil directly.

“The continued development of our service offering is essential to our business goal of being the easiest company to deal with. The decision to award this solution to XPO is grounded in their alignment to our objectives and their focus on relentlessly championing the customer experience.

He added: “The XPO team have produced a tailored and agile solution that protects the quality of our service and is underpinned by a commitment to deliver continuous improvement, technology that provides end-to-end traceability, and a clear focus on sustainable, safe and innovative logistics solutions throughout the duration of the contract.”

Dan Myers, XPO Logistics UK and Ireland MD, said: “We thank Cromwell for trusting us to continuously build on their customer experience by collaborating with their network.

“Our solution is engineered to deliver reliable results that align with Cromwell’s stated purpose to keep industry working, with service innovations and time and logistical efficiencies. This important partnership has the full benefit of our expertise.”