xpo snow

XPO Logistics has won a contract to transport equipment for the 2016 Swatch Freeride Tour.

XPO will use two bespoke vehicles on the European leg of the freestyle skiing and snowboarding competition, specially designed for operating at high altitudes.

The trucks are fitted with snow tyres and chains, as well as on-board forklifts.

Logistics manager for the Swatch Freeride World Tour, Jim Arlan, said the even chose XPO “because of the in-depth knowledge of its dedicated event transportation and logistics team”.

He added: “XPO's ability to adapt to the logistical constraints of high-altitude resorts, using appropriate equipment and drivers who understand our challenges, also made a difference. We trust them entirely.”

Adil Houem, head of event transportation and logistics at XPO Logistics Europe, said the company’s experience in competition logistics meant it was well-prepared for the challenge.

He said: "XPO Logistics has developed unique expertise in transportation and logistics services for events, including major sporting competitions.

“Our bespoke solutions for each competition guarantee compliance with technical specifications, safety and the necessary deadlines – all key success factors  – and we work closely with the event organisers to make sure that everything is in place and on schedule. In special event management, there is no second chance.”