XPO Logistics has become one of the first third-party companies to sign up to use BOC’s liquid natural gas (LNG) refuelling station in Teeside, Middlesbrough, after it purchased 10 dual-fuel HGVs.

The trucks, which run on a combination of LNG and diesel, are part of what XPO described as its “commitment to develop sustainable logistics solutions door to door”.

The station,  designed for BOC’s own fleet of 11 dual-fuel vehicles,  incorporates the industrial and medical gas business's ‘zero loss’ refuelling technology developed by BOC, which uses cryogenic cooling to temperature-condition the fuel before it is dispensed.

Ian Marguet, general manager, bulk UK and Ireland for XPO Logistics, said: “We are delighted with the support that BOC has provided as we explore the potential of LNG as a clean alternative fuel to diesel within our heavy truck and tanker fleet.

“XPO Logistics shares BOC’s commitment to environmentally friendly transport practices.”

Mark Lowe, LNG business manager at BOC, added: “BOC is extremely pleased to offer XPO Logistics access to this important, environmentally friendly alternative to diesel at our new LNG refuelling station in Middlesbrough.

“BOC has a long-term commitment to play an active part in the transition to low-carbon transport and we look forward to continuing to work with XPO Logistics in the future.”