XPO Logistics has renewed its contract with crop protection firm Adama Agricultural Solutions.

The operator provides warehousing and distribution for 1.6 million kg of Adama's products a year out of its Aber Park, Derbyshire site.

XPO's fleet will deliver 200 products to 232 delivery points across the UK for the firm, handling more than 880,000 units every year.

It previously held the contract for three years, servicing the contract with a dedicated transport fleet and ADR-certified drivers.

Adama's director of finance and operations Mark Sabine said: “XPO has done an excellent job over the past three years and we look forward to continuing to work with their committed team.

"They understand both the seasonal and weather-related effect on demand, with the latter driving substantial changes in volumes throughout the supply chain.”

Brian McDill, business unit director of chemical, manufacturing and shared user solutions at XPO said: “We understand this highly seasonal business and this means we are well placed to continue supporting Adama and other clients in this space.”