XPO Logistics has won a three-year contract to provide logistics for chemical and laboratory specialist VWR International.


XPO will manage distribution of the firm’s pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial and healthcare, products across 9,000 UK facilities.

It will be required to make next-day and timed deliveries, while handling hazardous goods and substances that require temperature-controlled operations.

VWR chose XPO because of its strong safety record, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations, and expertise in handling hazardous, time-sensitive goods.

The operation will see 25 trucks running through 6 hubs, delivering 2,500 cases a day. The two firms have also developed ADR training programmes for staff and a tailored tracking and reporting software programme.

XPO Logistics business unit director Simon Doran said: “VWR has complex logistics needs for the critical distribution of products that save lives every day. We can provide storage in strategic locations closer to their customers, to reduce delivery costs and lead times.”

VWR has provided services to the business, education service, and government and healthcare sectors for more than 165 years.

VWR UK operations director Martin Glover said: “We approached XPO Logistics because of its expertise. XPO’s dedicated fleet and broad capacity give us the resources to flex volumes when we need to.”

A slew of business wins has driven XPO Logistics to a record high in the UK.