Actros 2548 - Willmotts (16)

West Country haulier Willmotts Transport is pioneering improved MirrorCam technology on its five new Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks.

The L BigSpace tractor units from City West Commercials are the Shepton Mallet firm’s first from the fifth generation range and were acquired with funding from Daimler Truck Financial Services.

The new MirrorCam system builds on the earlier version with shorter camera arms so that they are less vulnerable to damage and their enhanced housing design reduces debris accumulating on the lenses.

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Andy Tuck, Willmott’s transport and compliance director, said: “The latest Actros is so very different and that’s not only down to MirrorCam; the Multimedia Cockpit is also a radical departure.

“There was some initial apprehension about the new trucks from a couple of drivers, but that reticence didn’t last long – they were soon enthusing about the new and easy-to-use dashboard, and how much more they can see with MirrorCam.

“As well as enhancing safety, we’re told the system can reduce diesel consumption, because the compact cameras offer less wind resistance than mirrors.

“Any fuel savings will be very welcome, as will the expected reductions in AdBlue consumption.”