Electric HGV maker Volta Trucks has announced an increase in its line-up by launching ECVs ranging from 7.5 to 19-tonnes.

Building on the trials of its Volta Zero, the first purpose-built, full-electric 16-tonne truck, it plans to expand its product portfolio with three additional variants within the medium to lower end of the heavy duty class.

The 16-tonne Volta Zero will be the first vehicle delivered, with pilot fleet trucks built by the end of the year and series production starting around 12 months afterwards.

This will then be followed by a 19-tonne and 12-tonne variant in 2023.

A pilot fleet of the 7.5-tonner is expected to be launched for customer trials in the same year.

The move is part of Volta Trucks’ ‘Road-to-Zero Emissions’ strategy, with the manufacturer placing speed to market at the heart of its plans.

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It said that given the demand for full-electric CVs, it expects to sell more than 27,000 units per year by the end of 2025, with volumes increasing further in the following years.

Essa Al-Saleh, chief executive of Volta Trucks, said: “We have seen huge success since launching the 16-tonne Volta Zero in September 2020.

“We have significant tail winds with zero emission large commercial vehicles, thanks to forthcoming legislation changes that are driving demand, as well as many customers with uncompromising sustainability agendas wanting to purchase the most environmentally focused vehicles for their fleets.

“This has created a very strong order book that encourages us to rapidly accelerate our plans.”

The company’s founder and executive chairman, Carl-Magnus Norden, said it had attempted to encourage other manufacturers to move towards zero emissions, but he added: “Over the past months though, we’ve seen unprecedented demand in the marketplace, confirming that our ambition resonates well with our customers, but we've also seen very few other start-ups or OEMs announcing new fully electric commercial vehicles in the medium and lower-heavy duty sectors.

“On this basis, we will have to deliver more of the decarbonisation of the logistics industry ourselves.”