Ian Caminsky, CEO of InPost UK, explains why he believes automated, click and collect locker boxes could be an effective way to reduce the amount of delivery vehicles in city centres as the online sales sector continues to expand.

“The fast-growing trend towards online flash sales such as Amazon’s Prime Day is clearly good news for consumers from a price perspective, in this case promising larger discounts than Black Friday. However, this increase in online sales and orders as a result of the surge in demand has in the past presented a series of logistical challenges for carriers.

“One obvious solution to this problem is for retailers to offer shoppers a full range of delivery and click and collect options. Rather than couriers having to deliver to a number of home addresses, emerging delivery solutions such as automated click and collect lockers help to make the delivery experience overall more convenient by providing one parcel drop-off point rather than several.

“Fewer drop-off points can make a big difference as they allow couriers to be more time, fuel and cost-efficient while shoppers get their hands on their purchases at a time to suit them. Retailers also benefit from helping to reduce delivery chain pressures and from minimising the impact on customer services and reputation more generally when packages are not delivered as promised.

“The retail industry has an opportunity to adopt solutions that help make services easier and more efficient for both consumers and courier services, particularly during peak delivery times. In doing so, couriers, retailers and consumers alike can benefit from a more reliable and convenient delivery experience, ensuring that consumers not only receive great discounts on days such as Amazon’s Prime Day but also receive their packages quickly and at their own convenience.”

  • InPost was founded in 2006, by Rafal Brzoska in Poland and has become one of Europe’s largest private postal operators.Its UK operation launched in early 2013 and now comprises more than 1,000 lockers nationwide offering 24/7 automated access at locations such as supermarkets, train stations, Transport for London sites and outside retailers’ stores.