Bibby Ultraframe

Bibby Distribution has renewed its contract with conservatory roofing manufacturer Ultraframe in a deal that will take the pair through to 2018.

Both Bibby and Ultraframe have worked together for the past seven years, with Bibby making between 70 and 80 deliveries a day of prefabricated roofs to installers, as well as roof components to manufacturers. Some 95% of deliveries are made on a next-day basis.

Paul Greaves, logistics manager at Ultraframe, said: “Through Bibby’s specialist service we have benefited from sharing assets and resources with other Bibby customers which need to move non-palletised goods nationwide.”

Goods are non-standard freight, ranging from 6m long silages to sheets of polycarbonate glazing, which are moved through Bibby;s shared user network.

Furthermore Ultraframe estimates that with Bibby collecting 80% of its raw materials from suppliers it saves £500,000 annually.

Andy Kellar, divisional business development director at Bibby Distribution, said: “From a supply chain perspective we ensure Ultraframe receives a premium service at the same time as optimising cost savings by utilising synergies from within the wider Bibby network.

"We’ve also been flexible in realigning the service to meet the customer’s changing business volumes.”