Tackling tool theft will be on the agenda for Truckminder Worldwide when it lines up at the Freight in the City Spring Summit next month.

Truckminder Worldwide, which aims to help reduce fuel theft and fuel spillage across the fleet and haulage industry, is now striving to protect tools through its new product ToolDefend.

“We know that tool theft is currently a huge problem in the industry and a real threat to businesses. Indeed, the cost of replacing tools can run into thousands of pounds,” said a spokesman.

“Thieves can override car and van alarms, disarm the locking system and simply help themselves to all the tools. We can help you combat this by installing the ToolDefend alarm system which will immediately kick in if there is an attempt to steal your tools.”

The system works by an accelerometer in the sensor that detects vibration and waveforms that are associated with drilling and other forms of tampering.

Once detected, it will sound the alarm with users also able to have a GPS option which will send a text warning that an attack is taking place.

Truckminder specialises in technology specifically designed to prevent catalytic converter theft.

Its customers include commercial fleet owners, van rental and van owners and motorhome dealers and owners.

“We strive to keep your business running by providing an alarm system that will deter thieves from targeting your vehicle. Our aim is to keep insurance premiums down as well as avoiding the costly headache of vehicles being off the road and in the repair shop,” the spokesman added.