TRL has used National Clean Air Day (15 June) to publish a new report about tackling road emissions in urban areas.

Through its new white paper - A Breath of Fresh Air: A Holistic Approach to Reconcile Future Transport with Improved Air Quality - TRL examines the problem of poor air quality in towns and cities and actions being trialled today to reduce pollution.

Drawing from discussions at TRL’s annual symposium in November 2016, the report aims to provide an unbiased resource that provides clarity on the many different streams of work already taking place to tackle urban air quality.

TRL director Nick Reed said: “At TRL, we believe that the sheer scope of these approaches necessitates the involvement and cooperation of an equally wide range of key stakeholders in forging a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to tackling the problem.”

Speakers from national government, TfL, academics from Kings College London and TRL provide insight for the white paper.