Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is planning to expand its dedicated freight team to help the city achieve its regional growth plans.

Speaking to, head of logistics, environment and active travel Helen Smith (pictured), said the logistics sector remains an important focus for TfGM and it was looking to build a team to deliver the region's new freight strategy, approved last summer.

She said: “Issues relating to logistics are a key corporate priority for TfGM. We are passionate about supporting sustainable economic growth across Greater Manchester, and the role of logistics is critical to this ambition."

Two new roles, an intervention officer and a reporting and governance officer, have been created to work alongside Smith and the freight programme’s senior manager Richard Banks.

“We know that to successfully deliver on our strategy, we need to engage effectively with the business community,” said Banks.

“The new roles will help us to develop interventions in a wide range of areas, including technology, consolidation and last-mile issues such as increasing options for loading and unloading”.

Applications for the two posts must be submitted by 7 June.

TfGM's freight programme saw the launch last year of a new forum open to operators and logistics stakeholders last year, with the subsequent creation of a series of working groups to tackle key challenges.