TNT Post

TNT Post has added its first alternative-fuel vehicles to its fleet, converting 80 of its LGVs to run using dual fuel technology.

Following a year-long trial TNT Post has had diesel and LPG blend systems fitted to its entire articulated fleet, which primarily consists of Renault Premium 460 tractor units.

A spokeswoman for the operator said the company intends to take on more dual fuel vehicles “with the long term view that when the infrastructure for LNG and CNG alternatives expands within the UK, TNT Post will switch to one of these systems”.

The company also plans for all of its vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes GVW to be powered by LPG only, she added.

Southampton-based Prins Autogas, which installed the system, estimates that TNT will save between 8% and 10% on annual fuel costs.

Dean Hulse, transport director TNT Post UK, said: “This is a great step forward and we are very excited by the evidence from the trial.

“[We] are delighted to be shrinking our carbon footprint and saving money,” he added.

The fleet conversion began in January and was completed in April.

TNT Post plans to expand its end-to-end delivery network into Greater Manchester in November.