Volvo FM LXL truck with driver at work on engine

Is super-high performance oil better than ultra-high performance or vice-versa? Is long drain better than extended drain, or is it the other way round?

The plethora of things to consider when choosing the right engine oils for your haulage business can make it very time consuming. Then there is all the marketing hyperbole.

Every oil seems to have an alphabet spaghetti of specifications and accreditations on its data sheet.

Cut through the jargon and start making business savings quickly and easily with the help of Commercial Motor's Buyers' Guide to Truck Engine Oils, and find out about:

  • Oil specifications - do you know the European engine-oil specifications?
  • Low-SAPS - not all low-SAPS oils give the same low-ash benefits.
  • Sump capacities - don't wrongly assume that vehicles with similar engine sizes have the same oil capacities.
  • Drain intervals - how far should you push drain intervals?
  • Oil sampling - how to determine end of life.
  • Oil consumption - what's the norm?
  • Disposal - recycle, or get rid?
  • Fuel-efficient oils - does it pay to buy an expensive fuel-efficient oil that costs two to three times as much as a humble mineral oil, hoping to see a measurable reduction in the fuel bill?
  • Euro-6 engines and future oils
  • Useful links

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