Steelmaker ArcelorMittal needed a tough truck in a compact package for deliveries across the north of England and it said it was delighted with its choice: a Fuso Canter.

The Birkenhead-based manufacturer said it received a significant number of orders from smaller customers with premises that were tricky to get a truck into.

ArcelorMittal contracts out its heavier work to third party hauliers, but it decided to invest in a vehicle of its own for the smaller jobs.

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Elliott Taylor, transport production coordinator, said: “We looked at several alternatives but there was nothing available that could match the 7.5-tonne FUSO Canter.

“With its aluminium platform body ours can easily carry over four tonnes, which is far ahead of anything else we looked at in the same gross weight category.

“The compact footprint and tight turning circle make it very agile, so for the sort of deliveries we ask it to perform, the Canter really is extremely well suited.

The Canter was supplied by dealer eStar Truck & Van.