europa play image.jpg

The UK’s largest independent freight forwarder has unveiled its latest video for its road freight division – an animated mini film which brings to life how Europa Road ‘makes road freight simple.’

The 90 second animation captures how the business has created the most efficient road freight system for distributing goods between the UK, Ireland and Europe from its centralised UK HQ in Dartford – which was designed and built from the ground up and is the UK’s largest and most advanced European groupage hub.

Swiftly depicting the process of a shipment from step one of the process until it arrives on time and in perfect condition at its destination, the film paints a clear picture of what working with Europa Road is like.

Managing Director at Europa Worldwide Group, Andrew Baxter, said: “Our latest video is a real success. We’re delighted with the finish and impact of the project as it really does bring to life the system which we’ve created and implemented to ensure that goods arrive on time and in perfect condition.

“We wanted a video which showed the process in a simple way but which was also fun to watch – and that’s definitely what we’ve achieved! The animation is excellent and the narrative is clear and concise.

“Now is the perfect time to release this new digital asset to bolster our sales function, as we’re storming ahead with hitting targets and expanding our Road division. We’re now the UK’s largest independent freight forwarder trunking goods daily on double manned services via 30 continental hubs, we have the most efficient IT system of all our competitors which we designed and created in house and we are attracting the very best account mangers to join our teams across our 11 UK branches.

“If you want to see how we make European Road freight elegant and beautifully simple, have a watch of our video.”

As well as its specialist European road freight services, Europa also provides dedicated air & sea, warehouse and showfreight services.

The business’s turnover exceeded £144m at the end of 2017, now stands at £171m and is on track to exceed £200m by the end of 2018. The business operates across 13 sites in the UK, Hong Kong and Belgium employing 750 people and is represented in 100 countries.