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Haulage firms can take small steps to reduce harmful emissions from their vehicles’ exhausts that don’t require significant investment and add up to a big difference overall, according to greentech company SulNOx.

Its call to businesses came after England’s chief medical officer Sir Chris Whitty gave a keynote speech at the Clean Air Summit in which he called air pollution “everyone’s problem and a problem at all times”.

Sir Whitty said: “Many of the things that drive pollution where people live and work and study are entirely amenable to us engineering out of the problem, for example on transport.”

SulNOx said concerns were growing that the UK would miss targets on reducing harmful air pollutants, but that there were solutions available now for fleet operators.

Ben Richardson, SulNOx Group CE, said: “We have ignored the issue for too long, but we can get ourselves out of the problem.

“There are small things that people can do which add up to a huge contribution.”

SulNOx’s fuel additives reduce the production of harmful emissions and increase the amount of oxygen available to the fuel, promoting cleaner combustion.

The company said it was working with one haulage firm that had demonstrated 8% fuel savings across a fleet that included 27 new Euro-6 trucks, operated over 12 months and covered 1.2m miles.