Seafield Logistics has won new business from Wilkinson, Largo Foods and Doncasters Ross & Catherall at its site in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Current customer Largo Foods, formerly  known as Cornscape, has extended its contract to include exporting popcorn to Finland.

Seafield Logistics began delivering four 45ft mega-containers per month for Largo Foods  in January, with 66 euro pallets of popcorn in each container. The contract previously covered deliveries to cinemas, retailers and rental stores across the UK.

Retailer Wilkinson has also chosen to store new stock lines at Seafield’s Worksop site. The operator will also have the opportunity to cover transport between the site and the retailer’s Manton Wood DC in Nottinghamshire.

Seafield will also store around 300 cases of archive material  for engineering components manufacturer Doncasters Ross & Catherall, due to the customer's recent expansion.

The 3PL recently revealed a contract services extension with Tata Chemicals.