Technology specialist Samsara has launched new tools to help operators looking to transition their fleets to electric.

The products include real-time current and historical state of charge (SoC) reports and ways to monitor charging status to determine if their vehicles are plugged in and charging.

New alerts also notify operators if the SoC falls below a particular custom percentage so the driver can route the vehicle to the closest charging station.

The new products also aim to help operators leverage fuel and energy usage data to help inform them of their electrification strategy and determine which vehicles are performing best across their entire fleet.

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This will allow them to stay on top of energy consumption, carbon emissions, effective MPG, and percentage of electric miles driven versus fuel usage for plug-in hybrids.

"The reality of electric fleets is no longer the talk of the future — it’s here," said Rushil Goel, VP product management at Samsara. "These EV fleet management features are now a part of Samsara’s complete fleet management platform and are available today for all existing customers.

"We’re excited to help our customers ease EV adoption and exceed their sustainability and fleet electrification goals. Existing fleet customers can now also take advantage of our EV suitability consulting service."