Fraikin Sainsbury 1 LR

Commercial vehicle fleet services supplier Fraikin has signed a new two-year contract with grocery retailer Sainsbury’s to manage the supermarket’s home delivery fleet in southern England.

The new contract sees Fraikin managing 1,000 vehicles operating out of 120 stores, representing 55% of the retailer’s 1,800-strong 3.5-tonne GVW fleet.

Fraikin, which has worked with Sainsbury’s since 2011, provides a dedicated team of 10 based in Coventry to support the retailer’s temperature controlled vehicles and will carry out maintenance on each one every 12 weeks.

Scheduled maintenance will be carried out by Fraikin’s regular branch network, supported by five mobile engineers, three of whom are dedicated to the retailer’s fleet. Under the contract, Fraikin will provide 24/7 support and immediately replace any vehicle that cannot be put back on the road within three hours.

Commenting on the contract renewal, Sainsbury’s Online head of retail and logistics operations, Simon Skeet, said: “Market leading customer service lies at the heart of our online shopping experience and that means well-presented and punctual deliveries and value for money for our customers. Fraikin has consistently helped us to meet this requirement.”