ryder MOD vehicles

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded a four year vehicle supply and maintenance contract to Ryder, worth €30m (£25.4m).

It will cover the supply of LGVs to the MoD’s operation in Germany, as well as other vehicles including cars and minibuses, and will reflect the MoD’s planned troop reduction in the country over the course of the contract.

Ryder said there is the opportunity for the contract to be extended by another 12 months and it will cover the provision of vehicles, maintenance, short term hire and breakdown and incident management.

The deal follows a separate vehicle rental contract awarded to the firm by the MoD in the UK last year.

Ryder has held a contract with the MoD in Germany for 25 years and the new part of the contract will also include the supply of its ‘intelligent vehicle booking system’  which will help it ensure that it uses its fleet as efficiently as possible.

Phil Burton, deputy head of Operational Vehicle Support Programme at the MoD, said: “Ryder retained the right, following the tender process, to deliver this capability following 10 years of successfully providing this capability under a private finance initiative contract.

"I look forward to the continuation of the close working relationship with the Ryder team during the coming months to deliver the capabilities and efficiencies we demand."