New research from the Gas Vehicle Network (GVN) has shown that in 2019 almost 80% of the total dispensed volume of gas for transport fuel was biomethane - a renewable and sustainable low carbon option.

GVN chief executive Mike Foster said: “Clean, low carbon, gas-powered vehicles are an obvious, sustainable ‘no brainer’ for the freight and transport industry. These latest statistics - a 22% increase from 2018 - clearly show the direction of travel for the HGV sector.

“This is the result of the gas vehicle industry delivering vehicle technology and widespread infrastructure together with financial incentives through the government's fuel duty differential scheme.

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“There are also great environmental benefits of gas in transport. Biomethane fuelled HGVs emit 85% less carbon into the atmosphere compared to a ‘clean’ Euro-6 diesel.

"The HGV sector accounts for a disproportionate share (17%) of transport carbon emissions but only 2% of vehicles on our roads are HGVs and buses, and they travel 6% of miles.

“Fleet managers and government can achieve substantial carbon savings immediately by switching to low carbon gas-powered heavy vehicle transport.

“The government also has in place a fuel duty differential until 2032, thanks to the work of GVN, making it financially a sensible decision to switch to gas from diesel.”