Celerity DRS will be at the Freight in the City Expo next month (7 November) showcasing the PSI Automatic Tyre Inflation System, which it is the exclusive European distributor for.

The inflation system is used by fleets including FedEx, UPS and Coca-Cola.

It is designed to automatically maintain the correct tyre pressure on any commercial vehicle trailer whether static or dynamic, therefore extending tyre life and reducing required maintenance.

The PSI system also reduces the threat of a blowout, by preventing a drop in tyre pressure, therefore reducing downtime and improving safety, according to the manufactuerer.

Greyroads of Oswestry uses the system, and Simon Yarwood general manager said: ‘The PSI system has provided us at Greyroads a return on investment within 12 months.

"The system has also saved us £1,000 minimum in maintenance per trailer each year after, this is without factoring in other costs to us such as roadside call out charges.

"The system also increases our uptime and allows us to repair or replace tyres at the end of the week rather than during working hours. Most importantly we are now a safer fleet with the risk of a blowout on one of our trailers significantly reduced."