Palletline has named former ARR Craib group distribution director Graham Leitch as its new MD.

He replaces Kevin Buchanan, who left the business last summer only to reappear at rival Pall-Ex as group MD in November 2014.

Leitch was at Palletline member ARR Craib for just over a year and was previously network director at Palletways for more than seven years.

“Palletline is a pioneering, quality driven distribution co-operative that thrives off creativity, exemplary customer service, efficiency and innovation so I am extremely pleased to be beginning the new year here,” Leitch said.

ARR Craib MD Eddie Anderson said: “It became clear to all, including myself, that Graham was the best man for the job. As a shareholder member of Palletline, I was keen to ensure that Palletline benefits from the proactive first class leadership that we have enjoyed with Graham’s contribution at Craib.”

Trevor Ellis, chairman at Palletline, said that Leitch would be a great asset to the network and would help ensure that it stayed ahead of the curve. "Palletline is greatly indebted to Craib's for its involvement in the appointment of this accomplished individual.

"Aligning business values with industry challenges has necessitated a number of management changes in the business. Graham is an inspirational, hands on leader and will be the ideal person to refocus on cooperation and collaboration within the Palletline network and we wish him every success in his new role” he said.