(L-to-R) Pall-Ex marketing manager Abby Langley and marketing executive Lynsey Gaughan with Rachael Mabe, who runs the logistics module at De Montford University

Pall-Ex is working with De Montford University Leicester to develop creative ideas that promote careers in logistics to people aged 16 to 24.

The palletised freight network has tasked second year marketing students to dream up ways to inspire young people into the industry.

Campaigns will promote HGV driving roles and other careers and encourage applicants from under-represented groups, such as women and BAME communities.

The industry is facing a growing shortage of drivers due to an ageing workforce; research from workers’ union Unite shows that just 1% of HGV drivers in the UK are under 25, while the average age of drivers was recorded at 48 in 2016 – up from 45.3 in 2001 – with 13% over 60.

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Despite being the UK’s fifth largest employer, responsible for moving 1.41 billion tonnes of goods in 2018, the logistics industry continues to face recruitment issues.

Kevin Buchanan, Pall-Ex group CEO said: “Attracting the younger generation has become more challenging as they are unaware of the scope of jobs available and the opportunities for progression.

“We see this as a learning opportunity for ourselves, as well as the students, as it will enable us to get a fresh perspective from young people themselves and better understand how to inform them on the great opportunities within the logistics sector."

He added: “We want logistics to be a talking point in schools, so we can educate young people on the positives of not only driving, but other roles in the industry and the important role logistics plays in all of our lives.”