Owens Mercedes Benz 1

Owens (Road Services) has opened a three-acre depot in Wrexham to service its recently-awarded contract with Ball Packaging.

The new contract will cover all of Ball Packaging’s transport to customers in the UK. It also provides warehousing and transport on a just-in-time basis to one of Ball’s unnamed customers in Newport, south Wales.

Barry Evans, strategic business development manager at Owens, told Motortransport.co.uk that work on the two-year contract began on 7 April.

The site in Wrexham, which covers three acres, is located less than a mile from Ball Packaging’s production site and will have its own dedicated fleet of trucks and trailers.

The firm did not disclose the value of the contract, but said Ball Packaging is its largest general haulage customer.

Last year Owens saw its pre-tax profit rise 14% after changing its fleet procurement programme and cutting costs.