Outsourcing of vehicle repairs is now industry’s preferred choice when it comes to maintaining their HGVs, according to the latest survey produced by Motor Transport and sister title Commercial Motor.

Nearly two-thirds (60%) of operators surveyed chose to send vehicles off-site for repair, with one-third of those picking main dealerships as their preferred option.

The research also highlighted that larger operators would be more likely to opt for a main dealership, while smaller businesses would be more likely to pick a third-party maintenance firm.

There is a big variation in the way operators choose to pay for outsourced R&M. More than half (54%) prefer a price-per-truck based contract. The next most popular method is a price-per-month (34%). Only 7% prefer a price-per-km based contract.

Larger fleets tended to prefer a price-per-month model, while smaller fleets tended to prefer a price per truck.

Not surprisingly, the reasons operators made their choices were varied, but one factor stands out – the ability to budget with a fixed-cost solution.

Other factors commonly cited included keeping costs consistent over a fixed term and the fact that there is a clear cost structure.

You can download for free this exciting piece of research, which looks at trends and preferences around the maintenance of trucks, as well as choice of parts purchasing. It forms part of a series of research insights produced by Motor Transport and Commercial Motor, on topics ranging from camera systems and telematics, through to tyres and fleet compliance.