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  • Des Evans LR

    Net zero – future residual values remain a huge uncertainty


    Amongst all the discussions regarding which technology will provide the best method of achieving net zero carbon emissions the topic of funding and future residual values remains somewhat in the background.

  • Urban logistics GXO

    Urban logistics will need to get smarter to deliver an environmentally sustainable future


    Over the last few years, we have seen the rapid growth in demand for efficient urban logistics driven by a confluence of factors, such as congestion, population growth and density, as well as sustainable traffic measures like ULEZ. As our cities become increasingly pedestrianised, with cafes and restaurants spilling onto ...

  • Des-Evans

    Net zero - battery electric not the only option to cut emissions


    Following on from my article regarding the discussions at the recent Decarbonisation Summit I have received opinions from a number of operators from both the haulage industry and vehicle service suppliers with regard to their respective views about how to achieve the net zero goals.

  • Bob-G-Headshot99-copy

    The problem of returns is big - and getting bigger - so go digital to maximise value


    The issue of returns is fast reaching boiling point for retailers and carriers. In our latest research 67% of merchants across European ecommerce markets reported that return rates have increased in the past 12 months, and 63% confirmed that returns are a “significant” or “very significant” problem for their business.

  • Des Evans with MAN TGL portrait CGE12094-114

    Net zero – Emission Impossible?


    At the recent Motor Transport Decarbonisation Summit held in Birmingham, sponsored by Scania, BP and Optimize many of the complexities and challenges of achieving the target of Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2050 were highlighted and discussed in detail.

  • Richard-Smith

    Christmas is cancelled for too many hauliers already struggling with low volumes


    Increasing cost pressures are reaching breaking point for many hauliers. Our members say things are getting even tougher as the economy struggles and firms go bust.

  • Richard-Litchfield-Innovate-Talent

    How do we make the logistics industry more attractive for future generations?


    It’s no secret there’s a skills shortage in the logistics industry. But if you asked anyone where this shortage prominently lies, they would most likely say for HGV drivers. While this is true and has been a struggle for some time now post-Brexit, what is becoming increasingly ...

  • Wayne Hardy (002)

    How escalating claims costs can fuel a rise in your insurance premium


    Insurance is generally the third largest expense incurred by haulage & logistics companies, with the cost of premiums driven up by claims. Common mistakes in the early stages of making a claim could be multiplying the cost of your claims, making your insurance more expensive than ...

  • Paul Lawrence

    Take extra care this Christmas as criminals take advantage of the festive season


    Reports speculate that Black Friday spending will hit a record high this year, with 66% of UK shoppers planning to spend more than they did last year.

  • Article

    Satnavs have changed our world - but could still do better


    GPS is the most famous of the four global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and one of the marvels of the modern world. A GNSS constellation consists of a number of satellites that circle the globe to provide worldwide position, time and velocity information. Since these are low power signals and ...

  • John Davidson

    Cold chain must remain focused on net zero target to reap sustainability and efficiency rewards


    With record temperatures surging throughout the globe this July, the era of ‘global boiling’, as its now coined, has seemingly arrived with a vengeance.The need to drive decarbonisation has never been greater. Increased energy costs – which still remain above pre-pandemic levels despite the drop of wholesale gas prices by ...

  • Sally-Gilson-561x381

    We need urgent help with our growing HGV technician shortage


    Sally GilsonIt’s impossible to ignore that the UK is suffering from skills shortages. Not a week goes by without an occupation being highlighted and a plea to train more people or for access to non-UK workers.The driver shortage which reached its peak in autumn 2021 is an obvious one for ...

  • Steve-Purvis

    Banish the nightmare of predicting and right-sizing peak warehouse space


    It is now the time of year where many retailers and their supply chain partners will be starting to plan and secure their warehousing space and resource requirements for the big one – the ‘golden quarter’ and the Christmas peak.Predicting requirements seven or eight months ahead is always a nightmare, ...

  • Richard-Burnett-2022

    Showcasing our commitment to more sustainable live events


    KB Event, a specialist transport company for the entertainment sector, has joined forces with event creator Showcase to launch #DrivingSustainabiltyTogether, a campaign to promote sustainability in live events.With a professional relationship that spans almost 10 years and shared values regarding the impact their operations will have on future generations, it ...

  • GerryKeaney-678x381

    BVRLA: Why we need a Van Plan...


    The road to achieving a net zero transport network is far from a straight line. Barriers and roadblocks are arising all the time. When looking at commercial vehicles, this testing landscape becomes even more fraught.Van fleets are struggling to make the zero-emission transition and the 2030 Phase Out target for ...

  • Mike Parr (1)

    Awarding border checks contract to French company makes a mockery of Brexit


    Last July, PML issued a statement regarding the crippling impact of the constant government U-turns in relation to the handling of post-Brexit border control facilities.Many businesses invested heavily, in preparation for the changes, believing the information that was disseminated by those in power. Some of the UK’s biggest seaports considered ...

  • David Jinks

    "The era of big new warehouses is over" - how 2023 e-commerce trends will impact on operators...


    As retailers attempt to bounce back from the impact of Covid, Brexit and Putin’s war in Ukraine, which developments will fuel the fastest growth and which retail fads will fizzle? And what will be the knock-on effect for the transport and logistics sector?We've identified five strong growth areas and five ...

  • John Noon

    Ten top tips for surviving the coming storm


    It is no secret the haulage sector is facing an uphill battle; recent Office for National Statistics estimates show that one in five transport businesses have run out of cash amid the current economic climate. So how can businesses ensure continuity?There is no doubt that the UK economy is facing ...

  • Darren-Taylor

    Flexibility, honesty, and outsourcing the way ahead for uncertain times to come


    The last few years have been extremely tough for many businesses which have had to adapt to stay afloat during a global pandemic.But while we may have emerged from one crisis, businesses are now facing an array of new challenges. From economic uncertainty and strikes to a global supply chain ...

  • Stuart-Greenfield

    Squeezing even more efficiency from retail supply chains will be top priority for 2023


    ASCG recently surveyed 100 retailers about plans and strategies for dealing with the impact of the cost-of-living crisis. ‘Reviewing supply chains to find efficiencies’ came out top, with 40% of retailers prioritising this as a solution for reducing costs and protecting margins as sales and bottom lines feel the effects ...