Sister companies Kammac and Bergen Logistics have formed a new partnership to deliver a range of logistics and fulfilment services for the UK’s fashion and lifestyle industries.

The collaboration of the two companies - which are both part of the Elanders Group - is aimed at leveraging the strengths of both organisations to better meet the diverse needs of fashion clients.

This strategy will offer Bergen Logistics’ specialised value-added service offerings (VAS) in the high-end apparel market alongside Kammac’s scalable retail solutions and support.

The partnership will provide a range of services to apparel brands of all sizes across the UK, including warehousing, distribution, storage, e-commerce fulfilment, contract packing, and pre-retail work.

Kevin Rogers, (pictured) head of Bergen Logistics UK is spearheading the initiative. He said: “We understand the current challenges faced by the fashion and lifestyle industries and the importance of a reliable 3PL partner to support brands in navigating these complexities.

“Whether operating under the Kammac or Bergen model, we are dedicated to providing solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our goal is to ensure exceptional service for the end consumer, be it e-commerce fulfilment, retail replenishment, complete omni-channel fulfilment, final mile delivery, reverse logistics, or value-added services.”

The initiative will also see the integration of Bergen Logistics’ North Shields site, which the partnership said will add to Kammac’s extensive network and enhance its service for the fashion industry across the UK, by catering to the needs of both premium high-end and SME fashion brands.

The 48,000sq.ft. site, just 12 miles from Sunderland Docks and Newcastle International Airport, broadens the companies’ warehousing and e-commerce opportunities.

Rogers added; “Understanding the mindset of the end customer is paramount, especially in today’s dynamic landscape where brands are navigating the constant shifts in evolving consumer preferences, supply chain delays and sustainability concerns.

“With Kammac’s scalable solutions complemented by Bergen’s high-end services and cloud-based WMS technology ‘CloudX Systems’, we guarantee a seamless and customised logistics experience for every brand, irrespective of its size.”