Hampshire-based builders’ merchants Coomers has invested in an integrated Webfleet telematics and Mantis camera solution to improve driver safety.

The company which has used Bridgestone’s fleet management solution Webfleet for eight years, recently integrated Mantis cameras into the solution across its delivery fleet of 11 HGVs.

The front-facing Mantis cameras capture accurate video evidence of any accidents or driving events, helping Coomers to refute false accident claims or unjustified complaints about poor driving. Drivers can share live video footage with office staff via an alert button in their cab.

Charlie Stuart, Commers systems manager, said the technology had improved driver safety, while saving the company time.

He added: ”With all the footage we need at our fingertips, the new solution means we can have our drivers’ back much more.

“Insurance claims are also now resolved much more quickly and efficiently, as we can give our insurers all the information and evidence they need upfront.”

Webfleet’s OptiDrive 360 feature is being used to give Coomers greater visibility on how its trucks are driven.

Ciaran McCarthy, Coomers transport coordinator said: ”We can keep better track of unsafe or inefficient driver behaviour, such as speeding or harsh cornering and braking.

“But we can also make sure our drivers are taking the proper breaks they should be and stopping in safe spots, so the benefits go both ways.

“It also helps us to give our customers a real-time update for their delivery and allows us to change later deliveries if a driver is held up due to traffic.”

Paul Butt, director at system installers In Car Technology, added: “Coomers is a family-owned independent business, built on a bedrock of outstanding customer service.

”The Webfleet/Mantis integration leverages technology in an innovative way to make their drivers’ lives easier.”