Aztek Logistics has equipped the roof of its warehouse in Letchworth with 482sq m of solar panels, stretching the entire length of the  25,000sq ft facility.

The solar panels will not only help power the warehouse but also feed energy back into the grid for use by local homes and businesses.

The equipment, which allows the warehouse to be carbon-neutral, is predicted to generate 93,008kWh of energy per annum.

Almost two thirds of the energy generated will be consumed on-site and the installation also allows the warehouse to operate off-grid on occasion.

The electricity output is managed and tracked remotely, telling the user how much energy is being generated and being put back into the grid.

Stuart Charter, MD at Aztek Logistics, which is a member of the Pallet-Track network, said: “A carbon-neutral warehouse is a major milestone in Aztek’s 21-year history and we are very proud to have taken this step.

“The solar panels on the warehouse roof are predicted to reduce our grid consumption by almost 28% and is a clear sign of how importantly we view sustainability in the way we operate.”

The solar panels were installed by BeBa Energy and its sales director Shaun Beattie said: “It’s great that Aztek Logistics is mitigating climate change by having solar PV panels installed at its Hertfordshire warehouse.

“Our systems are designed to get the absolute best out of the solar arrays that we install and maintain, and we’re sure that Aztek will quickly benefit from the installation.”