Drink and drug drivers are being targeted by police officers on roads across Warwickshire in the run up to Christmas and into the New Year in a bid to reduce the number of people killed or injured every year on the county’s roads. 

During Operation Limit, all drivers who are involved in a collision will also be asked to provide a roadside breath test and drug swipe.  As part of the enforcement activities, officers are encouraging the public and CCTV operators to report the details of suspected drink or drug drivers to them by calling 101 or in an emergency 999.

As a further deterrent, Warwickshire Police will continue to publicise the details of all arrests and charges from 1 to 31 December 2023 as well as the results of relevant court cases.


During the operation, Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is asking the public to take responsibility for their own safety on the roads and that of other people including friends, family and wider public by not drink or drug driving. The partnership will be sharing information on social media to encourage people to do just that.

The partnership will also be sharing a behavioural change campaign developed by Surrey Police and Sussex Police that challenges people not to be a bystander to drink driving. A poster and beermat campaign calls on the public to help prevent drink driving from happening in the first place by persuading friends and family to not drive after drinking.

During the operation, officers will also be referring suspected drink and drug drivers to support services in Warwickshire for help and support. Anyone addicted to drink or drugs can also self-refer.

Sergeant Simon Dalby said “92% of people think drink driving is unacceptable and we would like to reassure them that as well as conducting high visibility patrols, Warwickshire Police will be looking to stop as many vehicles and speak to as many drivers as possible to catch those who offend.

“Those who fail a roadside breath or drugs test will be taken into custody for further tests and where it can be proven will be charged and given the soonest possible court date. Those who fail to provide a specimen for analysis will also be charged to court as this is an offence.

“We will do whatever we can to help make our roads safer and will look at other offences such as no insurance to remove a suspected drink or drug driver’s vehicle. During the operation, we will also be providing evidence of those suspected of drug driving to the DVLA who have the power to revoke driving licences.

“The reason we take this so seriously is because according to the Department for Transport, an estimated 260 people were killed in collisions involving a driver over the alcohol limit in 2021. Whilst the consequences for drink and drug driving are wide ranging for drivers the cost to families who lose loved ones is much greater.”