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Lithium and sodium-ion battery builder AMTE Power has teamed up with Viritech to supply hydrogen fuel cell batteries for HGVs.

The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding, which they said paves the way for AMTE to supply ultra high power (UHP) cells for use in the powertrain developer’s battery packs.

As well as trucks, the battery packs will also be developed for light CVs, marine, aerospace and distributed power applications, as well as Viritech’s hypercar project.

An alternative to full electric vehicles, AMTE said fuel cells mitigate challenges around weight and cell charge times in high power performance vehicles.

Viritech’s powertrain combines hydrogen fuel cells with high-performance lithium-ion cells and the technology is intended to provide an additional power boost on ignition, acceleration and when driving on a gradient, as well as enabling smaller, more lightweight battery systems that reduce weight compromises.

Kevin Brundish, AMTE Power chief executive said: “Batteries are essential to the transition to hydrogen-electric vehicles and our UHP cells are the perfect fit for this collaboration, with our carefully refined cell chemistry able to fulfil the specific power, weight and safety requirements for Viritech’s power trains.

“This partnership will help the EV industry move to net-zero emissions while ensuring the UK remains a competitive player in automotive manufacturing.”