The use of hydrogen as a fuel for trucks is being trialled in the Netherlands, with a 27-tonne rigid being operated in retail logistics.

The project is intended to deliver proof of readiness of hydrogen technology for heavy-duty applications in real-life conditions and provide a basis for the development of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle industry.

Built by VDL and operated by zero-emission transport provider Breytner, the three-month trial of the truck will involve it helping replenish stores and feeder lines for last-mile solutions in the Benelux.

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H2-Share, an EU-funded project, said it was the first time a vehicle of its size was being demonstrated in combination with a mobile refuelling station.

Wystrach GmbH built the low-energy mobile hydrogen refueller to accompany the truck at its demonstration sites.

H2-Share said the launch of the trial was “a giant leap forward” for the zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle industry in Northwest Europe.