New UK-based robotics and automation company Rainbow Dynamics has pledged to be at the forefront of sustainable robotic load handing and parcel sortation for logistics warehouses, parcel handling facilities, manufacturing sites and e-commerce fulfilment centres.

Based in Chorley, Lancashire, the firm offers a range of supply chain technology including a mid-market autonomous mobile robot suitable for transporting products during the manufacturing process or sorting foodstuffs into a shop-ready picking sequence before they leave a grocery DC.

It also offers a robotic pallet and roll-cage handling forklift with a 1,500 kg load capacity, eliminating the need for a worker to transport roll cages and palletised loads, and a flexible automated storage and retrieval shuttle designed for picking and putting away palletised loads within high density racking schemes. This makes it ideal for warehouses that operate within B2B supply chains, the company said.

A tote-handling goods-to-person order picking system, based on Rainbow Dynamics’ pioneering ‘RackBot’ technology, will  be introduced later this year.

The company also expects to announce the opening of a new UK assembly facility within the current year.

Rainbow Dynamics founder and chief executive Alfred Chens said: “We are focused on the new generation of innovative and low CapEx autonomous mobile robot technology. Rainbow Dynamics’ robots do not require any costly fixed infrastructure, which means they are scalable and can adapt to the user’s changing requirements. And, because they are straightforward to commission and install, they are easily introduced within existing storage facilities.

“This is a great time for Rainbow Dynamics to start up in the UK supply chain robotics market. For many reasons – not the least of which is the sustained impact that the shortage of lift truck operators and general warehouse personnel is having on logistics companies’ ability to recruit experienced and reliable staff, there is a real appetite throughout the logistics industry for robotic handling solutions.”

Chen also insisted the firm’s portfolio would suit buinesses of all sizes: “It isn’t just the biggest players that are embracing the technology,” he said. “Due to developments in both hardware and software the benefits of robotic solutions are within the financial reach of SME businesses too. And, with our ‘Robots as a Service’ (‘RaaS’) finance option, users can minimise their upfront investment commitment and incorporate ongoing maintenance and service regimes into an agreed monthly fee.”

Chen added that the early feedback on its technolgoy had been ”extremely encouraging”:

”I fully expect Rainbow Dynamics to be at the forefront of shaping the future of logistics robotics for many years to come,” he said.