"We're an all time high, we'll change all that's gone before, doin' so much more...."

This week the basket of shares in the MT Tracker hit it's highest point since its inception. The basket now stands at 1,954.5p. Shares in Stobart Group are back in to triple figures for the first time since January; shares in Wincanton are at their highest level for the whole calendar year and shares in NWF Group and UK Mail are pretty much at the peak of their highest trading points too.


This week NWF Group reported a record year. Turnover was at a record £545.8m (2012: £540.2m) while pre-tax profit was up 64.7% to £8.4m (2012: £5.1 m). Chief executive Richard Whiting said yesterday: "The record year has been delivered by focusing on customers' needs across the three divisions, reducing costs across the group and with Feeds and Fuels delivering excellent results in positive market conditions." There was probably a reason he didn't single out the performance of Boughy Distribution in that statement.

We're currently doing a bit of back-end updating of the website here at MT.co.uk - so can't bring you any graphs today. Normal service shall be resumed next week.