Shares in road transport businesses continue to trade at record highs for the calendar year, despite a relatively quiet August and an oh-so-slight dip in the value of the MT basket of shares.

News from the firms trading on the London Stock Exchange has, in the past seven days, amounted to diddly-squat. This month has seen UK Mail cement its strong performance opening a new depot in Middleton, Greater Manchester. As of today a share is worth 630p, compared to 365p at the begining of the year. That gives it a market capitalisation of £346.5m compared to £199m in January.

UK Mail opens Middleton depot as demand grows



Unfortunately, due to continuing technical glitches, we are still unable to bring you the graphs of share price performance (we've reported it - nothing has happened!). Here is the table of the share prices for August so far..

7 August share price14 August share price21 August share price
Dart Group264267.5253.5
Hargreaves Services802.5829821
NWF Group120121.5126.5
Stobart Group100106.75108.5
UK Mail590624630
Total (Pence)1954.52028.752022

And here are the market caps:

7 August market cap14 August market cap21 August market cap
Dart Group382.8388.24367.58
Hargreaves Services264.83273.57270.93
NWF Group56.457.1159.46
Stobart Group348371.49377.58
UK Mail324.5343.2346.5
Total (£m)1471.691531.211522.7