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Largest 100 companiesGrowth in turnoverProfit per employeeReturn on salesGrowth in profitSales per employeeNotes

The rankings were finalised on XX. The data was compiled from audited financial accounts filed at Companies House during the 12 months since the last Top 100 was compiled in October 2013, unless otherwise stated. The tables list the company in regards to its official registered company name at Companies House, which is not always the same as the company’s trading name.

MT has compiled the tables using the turnover and pre-tax profit figures generated solely or primarily from the UK road transport activities on the businesses concerned, unless otherwise stated below. Where possible, we have tried to avoid including turnover from non-road and non-transport related business. Figures shown for employees are predominantly for those employed solely or principally in the UK.

ARR Craib Transport has not filed a new set of accounts since MT last published the Top 100.

Bartrums’ results have been calculated by combining the turnover and pre-tax profit of Bartrums Haulage & Storage and Bartrums Road Services, as Bartrum Group results include a contribution from its CV maintenance business, Trumbar Truck Care.

Canute Haulage has not filed a new set of accounts since MT last published the Top 100.

Circle Express entered a company voluntary arrangement on 10 May 2012 and continues to trade under the terms accepted.

CM Downton (Haulage Contractors) incorporates its 50% share of turnover in two joint ventures: Avon Distribution (with RT Keedwell) and D&T Logistics (with Howard Tenens). It does not include a contribution from its October 2013 purchase of C&H (Hauliers). In its 2013 report it says that the acquisition is expected to generate an annualised turnover of approximately £20m which will be incorporated in its results for financial year 2014.

Deben Transport incorporates its acquisition of Elite Transport Services out of administration in April 2013. It says that its pre-tax loss was heavily influenced by the purchase of the company.

DHL is continuing to consolidate its business so that DHL Supply Chain is the main trading activity for business in that sector. As a result contracts formerly reported by Exel UK and DHL Freight and Contract Logistics are being moved as they are renewed, so much so that the later is now a dormant company. Exel UK reported £173.8m of continuing contracted turnover in the overall figure. Turnover also includes a contribution from Tradeteam and DHL International (UK), which trades as DHL Express.

Europa Worldwide Group excludes the turnover contribution of its Asia-based business activities. We were unable to extrapolate the pre-tax profit contribution from this division however.

Gregory Distribution (Holdings) includes a turnover and pre-tax profit contribution from its joint-venture with Hayton Coulthard Transport. In July 2013 it acquired the business, assets and goodwill of Interoute Transport Services out of administration. Subsequent to the closure of the financial year Gregory acquired M&D Transport in July 2014 and the fresh produce operations of MMD (Shipping Services).

Hargreaves Group – Transport’s sold its Imperial Tankers division to Sutton and Son in September. In the financial year-ending 31 May 2014 that unit contributed £29.25m of turnover to Hargreaves’ transport operations and £1.5m of pre-tax profit. Figures for financial year 2014-15 will reflect this.

John G Russell’s pre-tax profit figure includes a contribution from its chest freezer manufacturing business, which accounted for £8.3m of total group turnover of £63.2m. As the group does not provide a pre-tax profit figure for each business unit we have been unable to extract it from overall group results.

Kammac sold its kegs and cask manufacturing division in December 2013 and its results reflect this discontinued business.

Knights of Old incorporate, for the first time, a full year of trading from Mainland Group, which it acquired in December 2011. The comparative year-on-year results are for Knights of Old trading only.

Kuehne + Nagel includes, for the first time, a full contribution from its 2011 acquisition of The RH Group, which traded as RH Freight. It was not possible to extract K+N’s air and sea freight forwarding interests from the overall business as they also include the contribution from its overland operations, which includes ex-RH Freight Group business. The company divides its turnover contribution into that of International Freight Forwarding (incorporating RH Freight) which saw turnover rise to £772.3m from £579.4m in the previous financial year. Its contract logistics business saw a slight dip in turnover to £345.2m from £358m in the previous year. Since the close of the financial year K+N has said it has won and implemented new contracts in this division including Ben Sherman, Nespresso and B/E Aerospace. At the request of the company subsidiary Kuehne + Nagel Drinks Logistics has been combined with overall group turnover to truly reflect its contract logistics business.

Lenham Storage combines turnover, pre-tax profit and employee numbers from two businesses: Lenham Storage and Lenham Storage (Southern).

Maritime Transport does not include a contribution from its August acquisition of Roadways Container Logistics. Combining Maritime and Roadways’ performance in financial year 2013 the company would have a turnover of £182m, achieving a combined pre-tax profit of £3.67m with 1,532 employees. Turnover at Maritime Transport also includes a contribution from its business, which we have been unable to extrapolate. Because Roadways has been acquired its performance has been excluded from the Top 100 this year, with Maritime’s turnover next year reflecting its first contribution to the overall business.

Norbert Dentressangle’s figures have been generated by combining the turnover and pre-tax profit from: Norbert Dentressangle Logistics; Norbert Dentressangle Tankers; Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services and Norbert Dentressangle UK. They exclude contributions from its Freight Forwarding activities (ND Overseas) and its Maintenance business (ND Maintenance UK).

Pass J Holdings results include contributions from its two subsidiaries: On-Line Staff Agency and Germany-based Online Roadways. There is no way of extracting their contributions from the overall results. Pass J Holdings trades as Mike Beer Transport.

Potter Group has not filed a new set of accounts since MT last published the Top 100.

Reed Boardall Group excludes turnover derived from its vehicle service and repair business.

Royal Mail’s figures are based solely on its UK Parcels, International and Letters business (UKPIL) and exclude the contribution of its European parcels business GLS. UKPIL includes all of its core UK and international parcels and letter delivery businesses run through both the Royal Mail network and Parcelforce Worldwide and runs approximately 45,000 commercial vehicles. We were unable to extract turnover and profit derived from its marketing mail and consulting services and the design and manufacture of stamps.

RT Keedwell includes a turnover and pre-tax profit contribution from its Avon Distribution joint venture with CM Downton.

Sutton and Son (St Helens) has not filed a new set of accounts since MT last published the Top 100. Its sister company, Suttons International, posted a turnover of £89.4m and a pre-tax profit of £5.5m in the year-ending 30 April 2013. In September it acquired Imperial Tankers from Hargreaves Group.

Yodel incorporates turnover and pre-tax profit from Yodel Delivery Network (formerly Home Delivery Network) alongside two-man delivery division Arrow XL and Arrow XL Scotland (formerly Yodel XL and Yodel XL Scotland).

Yusen Logistics turnover includes a contribution from its air and sea freight forwarding businesses, which we have been unable to extract from the overall turnover figure.

WH Malcolm has not filed a new set of accounts since MT last published the Top 100.

Wincanton’s turnover excludes contributions from its £68.6m Pullman Fleet Services and £21.1m Records Management divisions. All vehicle maintenance business figures have been excluded across the entirety of the Top 100, but with Pullman not filing a profit and loss account we are unable to extract its contribution from Wincanton’s profitability.

Whistl UK ltd is the new trading name for TNT Post. It has not filed a new set of accounts since MT last published the Top 100.