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The rankings were finalised on Thursday 23 June 2011. The data is compiled from financial accounts filed at Companies House during the six months since the last Top 100 was compiled (December 2010). Tables list the company as the official registered company name at Companies House, which is not always the same as the company's trading name.

We have compiled the tables using the turnover and pre-tax profit figures generated solely or primarily from the UK road transport activities of the businesses concerned, unless otherwise stated below. Where possible, we have tried to avoid including turnover from non-road and non-transportrelated business. Figures shown for employees are predominantly for those employed solely or primarily in the UK.

Acumen Logistics Group acquired Auto UK Logistics in September 2009. These are the first set of consolidated results since the acquisition.

AM Widdowson has published two sets of accounts since last year's Top 100, so we have used the most recent: for the year ending 31 March 2011.

Bibby Distribution acquired TM Logistics in October 2010 so its results for the year ending December 2010 feature a three-month contribution from TM Logistics. Also in the year, Bibby acquired Taygroup (April 2010) and some assets of MRS Distribution (August 2010).

Canute Haulage Group's results include the accounts from its vehicle repair and recovery businesses - Albert Road Recovery and Repair and Truck Crane Services (UK) - as there is no way of separating these accurately.

C Butt made a pre-tax profit of £173 for the year ending April 201. The tables round up to the nearest thousand, hence why it appears as '0'.

Clipper Logistics Group has been included this year rather than its parent company, Clipper Group Holdings, as the results for the parent firm include Clipper's dealership businesses - Stormont Truck and Van and Northern Commercials (Mirfield).

CM Downton (Haulage Contractors) has included the effect of the acquisition on 7 October 2010 of Jigsaw Solutions (Holdings) in its analysis of its results to 30 June 2010. Until the acquisition, Jigsaw had been accounted for as a joint venture. CM Downton lists the acquisition as adding £14.9m to its turnover.

DHL does not publish results for its UK operation as a whole, so the DHL figures have been calculated by combining the turnover and pre-tax profit from the following DHL companies registered in the UK: Maritime Container Logistics (formerly DHL Container Logistics (UK)); DHL Express (UK); DHL Global Mail (UK); Exel Europe; and Tradeteam. At the start of 2010, DHL sold its container arm to Maritime Transport, and its Day Definite Domestic business, a division of DHL Express, to Home Delivery Network. The staff figure for DHL was provided by the company. The consequent fall in turnover as a result of the two sales is not reflected in the accounts in this year's Top 100.

Harry Yearsley's results include its wholesale frozen foods business, which accounts for £52.9m of its 2010 turnover. The cold storage and distribution business reported a turnover of £73.9m for the period (2009: £84.7m). It does not provide a comparative pre-tax or operating profit figure for its cold storage and distribution business, so we have included the full group results.

Home Delivery Network, which trades as Yodel, acquired the domestic B2B and B2C businesses of DHL Express on 1 March 2010 via its subsidiary firm Parcelpoint. These accounts are the first consolidated set to include the DHL businesses.

John G Russell (Transport) owns a chest freezer manufacturing business that generated £11.8m of its overall 2010 turnover. The transport and warehousing division saw a slight dip in turnover for the year to £39.7m from £41.9m in 2009.

Kammac's results are for its packaging, warehousing and distribution division. It does not include turnover from its property management, keg manufacturing, or environmental ventures businesses.

Kuehne + Nagel's (K+N) results remain unchanged from last year's Top 100 as it is not due to file its 2010 accounts until September 2011. Worth noting is its acquisition of the RH Group earlier this year for an undisclosed sum. For the year ending 31 December 2010, the RH Group reported a turnover of £133.8m (2009: £113.2m) and pre-tax profit of £4.5m (2009: £3.4m). The rebranding of RH's assets to K+N will take place in 2012, before complete integration in 2013.

Lenham Storage results are the combined turnover and pre-tax profit figures from Lenham Storage (Southern) and Lenham Storage Company as there are no group results for the two limited companies. It does not include figures from its vehicle maintenance business, Lenham Garages.

Norbert Dentressangle does not publish results for its UK operation as a whole, so the figures have been calculated by combining the turnover and pre-tax profit from the following Nobert companies registered in the UK: Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services; Norbert Dentressangle UK; Norbert Dentressangle Tankers; and Norbert Dentressangle Logistics. As Norbert's £196m purchase of TDG was not approved until March 2011, these results do not contain consolidated figures for TDG. For the year ended December 2010, TDG reported a turnover of £678.2m and a profit of £30m.

Parcelforce Worldwide's results are no longer analysed separately in the Royal Mail Holdings' annual report, so Parcelforce (ranked 10th in last year's Top 100) is not featured in this year's rankings. Royal Mail has restructured its reportable segments as of this year, so Parcelforce's results are amalgamated with its letters and international business. For the year ending 31 March 2011, Royal Mail's UK Letters and Parcels and International division reported a turnover of £6.8bn and an operating loss of £120m. This compared to a turnover of £6.9bn in 2009 and an operating profit of £20m.

Pass J Holdings is the registered company name for the Online Group, which includes Online Roadways.

Richard Preston & Son trades as Prestons of Potto.

Eddie Stobart has been included this year instead of its parent Stobart Group, as Eddie Stobart is purely the transport and distribution arm of the business. For the year to February 2011, Stobart Rail reported a turnover of £53m; Stobart Ports £13.6m; Stobart Air £6.8m and Stobart Properties £251,000.

TDG: see Norbert Dentressangle.

The RH Group: see Kuehne + Nagel.

TM Logistics: see Bibby Distribution.

Yusen Logistics is the new name for NKY Logistics. The firm rebranded in April 2011.

Wincanton's results are for its UK and Ireland operations and do not include its mainland Europe results. The pre-tax profit listed is its operating profit for UK and Ireland as it does not provide a pre-tax profit for UK and Ireland.

Wm Armstrong (Longtown) includes results from its garage and maintenance businesses - Armstrong Trucks and Cumbria Truck Centre, as there is no way of analysing these separately.