As Amazon's Prime Day kicks off and Royal Mail braces for strike action, order management specialist Mintsoft has revealed the top 20 UK cities where residents are most likely to face delivery delays.

Mintsoft analysed 60,000 monthly searches from consumers looking for various forms of advice on how to retrieve a missing parcel, or searching for the complaints team at a parcel delivery company.

It found that Glasagow residents were most likely to suffer a delayed delivery, with an index score of 100, followed by consumers in Leeds (88) and Newcastle upon Tyne (84). Other cities suffering delayed deliveries include Manchester, which took fourth place, followed by Edinburgh (80), Nottingham (77) and Derby (74).

The research comes as Prime Day launches today (12 July) which is expected to cause high levels of consumer demand. In addition Royal Mail is facing strike action from over 2,000 managers over pay disputes this month.

Prime Day, which is a 48-hour even, offers Amazon Prime members exclusive discounts for the two-day period, alongside its standard next-day delivery included in the service. Last year Prime Day saw a 129% yearly increase in customers searching for “where’s my package amazon”, along with a 24% boost in searches for “amazon prime complaints”.

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Commenting on the findings, Jordan Westley, ecommerce and order management system (OMS) expert at Mintsoft advised businesses to invest in an order management system to avoid delayed deliveries.

He said: “With July expected to be a busy month for retailers with Prime Day and summer holiday preparations in full swing, we’ve conducted this research to highlight the ecommerce businesses that may need  to look deeper into their current operations in order to ensure that customers are kept happy and satisfied, and turn a spotlight to their order management and logistics software and partnerships.

“With staff at Royal Mail expected to walk out this month too, it’s crucial that businesses prepare themselves adequately in order to keep the delivery promises you make to customers.

“Investing in an order management system with pre-built courier and multi-carrier API integration capabilities will allow you to simplify and speed up delivery times and the overall shipping process."