Wincanton has welcomed the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) decision to award a 12-month contract extension to its customer General Dynamics, as the move will secure 25 jobs at the operator.

For the past six years Wincanton’s Bicester facility has been home to logistics support for General Dynamics, including inventory management and receiving, storing and dispatching military communications equipment.

Ross Bannerman, Wincanton business unit director – defence, said: “The MoD Long Term Support Solutions (LTSS) contract has provided Wincanton with the opportunity to continue to support the MoD in delivering Bowman equipment to both operational and non-operational units.

"It has also allowed us to work closely with General Dynamics to ensure best value for money is achieved through a combination of lean methodology within the operation and the identification of opportunities for cost savings through process improvements."

Bannerman added that now the contract extension had been confirmed, Wincanton would now focus on supporting General Dynamics as it prepared to tender for a full renewal of its LTSS MoD contract next April.