MTA 2022-531

The DPD UK team led by Tim Jones (centre) and CEO Elaine Kerr (holding trophy) the award from Paul Wilson, FORS account director (second right)


DPD is transforming its urban operation in a drive to become the UK’s most sustainable delivery company.

It now has a fleet of 1,500 all-electric vehicles which are replacing its existing diesel models and delivered 16.5 million clean and green parcels in 2021.

The company’s pioneering micro-depot operation has also slashed unproductive urban mileage.

DPD now delivers all-electric in 10 cities throughout the UK which will be extended to 30 by the end of 2023, and it has not purchased a new diesel final-mile delivery vehicle since 2020.

It has worked closely with local councils to support their initiatives to improve air quality, too. For example, earlier this year Oxford introduced the UK’s first zero-emission zone and in preparation for this, DPD opened its Bicester depot, a net-zero-carbon construction building in July 2021, and now operates only all-electric vehicles in the city of Oxford, delivering over 15,000 parcels every week.

DPD has also continued its work trialling new technology, such as a partnership with electric vehicle tyre innovator ENSO to conduct full road trials of a tyre product designed to reduce air and microplastic pollution. The DPD/ENSO trial is a part of TfL’s FreightLab Innovation Challenge, which will tackle London’s air pollution and road congestion.

The judges said: “A clear, bold strategy. Very impressive that it has stuck to buying no more diesel vehicles since 2020 – this demonstrates real leadership.

“The submission shows the approaches taken to mitigate emissions and enhance DPD’s reputation as the leading sustainable delivery company through operation of a broad portfolio of all-electric vehicle types, alongside an active focus to supporting its driver population to take on BEV products.

“In addition, by bringing in micro-depots equipped with BEVs, the green focus is totally embedded within the DPD corporate culture.”

“We love the MT Awards. This is a great way to showcase our industry”

Tim Jones, director of marketing, communications, and sustainability, DPD UK