MT editor Steve Hobson, Bill Laidlaw, UK sales manager, Saic Maxus (LDV), and Andy Salter, MD of DVV Media International

Maxus UK & Ireland’s commitment to developing game-changing zero emission electric vehicles (EVs) with the payload and driveability of diesel equivalents makes it a worthy winner of this award. Judges praised the way it continues to push the boundaries following the success of the EV80 last year with the Maxus eDELIVER 3, aimed at the smaller van market. The Maxus eDELIVER 3 is the first vehicle in the EV range that will only come as a zero-emission fully electric vehicle.

The Maxus range is manufactured by SAIC, the largest automotive company in China, and distributed by the Harris Group in the UK and Ireland.

The EV80 boasts a 120-mile range on a single charge, with a high-capacity lithium battery that can be fully charged in just over an hour. It also sports one of the most advanced ‘pure electric power’ systems in the world and features digital intelligent CVT which adjusts torque and power output under different conditions for a smooth driving experience.

The OEM’s client list reflects its success in the green market and includes such names as IKEA, Royal Mail, Northern Gas Networks, National Grid, Nottingham City Council and Wilson James.

Last year, doorstep delivery service Milk & More became one of the largest operators of electric vehicles in the UK following a significant investment in Maxus’ flagship EV, the EV80 milk float, of which there are almost 160 on the roads with more on order.

Maxus offers finance over six years and will work with customers to conduct a feasibility study on the whole-life cost of their EV fleet to help them make the switch to EV with confidence.

Rated as one of the top five best-selling EVs of 2019 in the UK, by the end of this year Maxus is confident it will be in the top two, following the eDELIVER 3.

Judges sang the praises of the Maxus range. One commented: “Maxus has been a serious player in this market now for some years, and broadening the range emphasises its commitment to this sector. New product introductions are allowing it to look fresh and up for market challenges.”

"Electric vehicles are the future and our ambition is to fill the country with them and move it forward. We’re the people with a real life 3.5 tonne panel van and chassis cab that will do 100 miles in any weather so we’re leading the game at the moment. That’s why we won the award – because the van does what it says."

Bill Laidlaw