Logistics UK is promising members easier access to driver medicals after signing a partnership deal with D4Drivers.

They will receive discounted access to D4Drivers’ Logistics UK Health and Wellbeing service enabling them to access medicals for all their drivers. Under the partnership individual driver members will also be able to use the Logistics UK Driver Medical service.

Logistics UK said the partnership will allow companies to centralise and streamline their process for arranging drivers’ medicals, and with 85 D4Drivers centres across the country, will give improved access to appointments while ensuring drivers still receive a thorough assessment from an experienced doctor.

Businesses will also have access to regular driver screenings for all driver staff, including HGV drivers, van drivers or company car drivers. Other services include Covid-19h PCR tests, regular staff health checks and forklift operator medicals.

The Logistics UK Driver Medical service will allow individual driver members access to discounted D4Driver medicals, forklift medicals and Covid PCR testing. These are key for drivers who are increasingly turning to specialist private providers to avoid long waits as NHS practices face growing strain.

Al Richardson, Logistics UK’s head of membership and affinities, said: “This partnership comes at a crucial time for industry, which is currently facing multiple challenges such as the driver shortage, Brexit and Covid-19 recovery, and a lack of access to driver medicals is preventing licence renewals for many qualified drivers.

“It is vital the health and wellbeing of industry workers remains a top priority and our partnership with D4Drivers aims to achieve just that.

He praised D4Drivers “unparalleled reputation” adding: “We are thrilled to be partnering with an expert organisation like this at a critical time for our sector.”

Tom Blain, commercial manager at D4Drivers, added: “These are particularly difficult times for everyone working in the freight industry and this is leading to increasing problems with health and wellbeing.

“The new service we are offering in partnership with Logistics UK will hopefully raise awareness of these issues and provide easier access solutions which will keep not just lorry drivers but all those working in the industry healthy and in work, which in turn will keep our logistics industry moving.”