White goods manufacturer Indesit has extended its UK national bulk transport contract with Jigsaw in a deal worth £15m.

The new part of the contract will see Jigsaw hold full responsibility for Indesit’s UK bulk movements and same day trunking from the customer’s national DC in Raund, Northamptonshire, to ten satellite depots.

It will also include direct customer deliveries across the UK, factory replenishment and control of Indesit’s vehicle maintenance unit, covering vehicle washing and fuel bunkering.

Jigsaw began working with the company in 2007, originally managing deliveries from Raund and Sharpness and Yate, in Gloucestershire, alongside Indesit’s own-account operation.

Jigsaw shareholder member CM Downton will operate 16 new double-deck trailers and 10 longer semi-trailers as part of the contract, which were recently added to its fleet.

It will use a fleet of longer semi-trailers to deliver to London, where it will collect from another Jigsaw customer to take back to Sharpness, before collecting from Indesit’s south west depot to take back up to Raunds.

Indesit Company UK bulk operations manager David Hannam said: “The company had a positive experience working with Jigsaw and recognised that the current bulk transport requirement could be managed more efficiently by a specialist transport integrator.”